SECO Duratomic TP2501


SECO Duratomic TP2501

The new Duratomic TP2501 is the first choice CVD grade where versatility is needed and working conditions are not perfect.

TP2501 maximises the manufacturing output under the most varying demands on productivity, cutting data and machinability on various materials.

A very significant share of steel turning applications feature working conditions that demand TP2501’s grade design and properties. 


TP2501, the first-choice steel grade offers the broadest working range and is the “go-to” insert for most customers. It is also often the general starting point for then selecting the other grades to further optimise specific operations.
With increased wear-resistance and better toughness behaviour, the TP2501 grade reduces variations in tool life and delivers predictable and consistent performance. Ideal applications include those from general-purpose continuous-machining operations to more demanding ones such as those involving rather heavy interrupted cuts. 
For even more versatility, Seco designed this grade to run either with or without coolant.

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